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Preparing for Liftoff

Bunker work and fuelling suits

13 Dec 2015, 10:04 UTC
Bunker work and fuelling suits
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Fortunately, the weather has now turned colder here and the rain has finally stopped. Friday was really wet and icy – all the roads and footpaths were extremely slippery. In fact, on our way to the MIK even one of the buses slipped off the road and got stuck in the mud when it was trying to make space for a big lorry to pass.
Despite Friday’s weather we managed to carry on with our activities at the launch pad and moved all the test equipment to the ‘under table’ room, which is the bunker under the launch pad. It took about three hours to get this done and we are ready to do the ‘umbilical check-out’ at the launch pad on Monday.
Wet and slippery entrance to bunker under launch pad. (ESA)
In parallel, testing continued at full speed with detailed checks on the S-band communication system, the X-band communication system and on the Synthetic Aperture Radar Altimeter (SRAL)
The propulsion team prepared for the fuelling activities with a dry run and check on their protective suits.
Not sure these suit us! (ESA)
The Rockot booster was rolled out and installed in the launch tower. The fairing was assembled ...

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