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Preparing for Liftoff

Time to relax then down to business

9 Dec 2015, 14:02 UTC
Time to relax then down to business
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We spent Sunday resting, which we all needed after being so busy the last weeks. This meant that the three people who’ve been cooking for us every day could also have a day off and Eurockot invited everyone for dinner in town, which was nice.
Out for dinner (ESA)
Monday was the first day that the Thales Alenia Space team started the three-shift system to cover work in the MIK from 07:00 to 22:00 hrs. They first did a detailed cross-check of the Sentinel-3A satellite’s onboard computer (SMU). In parallel, the propulsion team finalised their test setup and started pressurising the propulsion sub-system.
So, daily routine is now falling into place. Since we are up and running, we did safety inspection of the cleanroom and control room to check there was free access to the emergency routes and to all the fire extinguishers.
With the electrical ground support equipment (EGSE) and mechanical ground support equipment (MGSE) now installed in a very confined space, the inspection was very useful as we found that some doors were locked and some accesses were blocked by test equipment.
Eating packed lunch (ESA)
Owing to the very dry winter, the humidity level in the cleanroom ...

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