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Kate Follette

Miscellaneous Musings from Mt. Graham

10 Nov 2011, 22:38 UTC
Miscellaneous Musings from Mt. Graham
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Greetings from the Large Binocular Telescope on Mt. Graham! Read below for some basic information about what I’m doing up here and you’ll be rewarded with some extra credit opportunities. . .
My bad luck continues with telescope observing, since it was too windy for us to open last night (25meter per second winds… how fast is that in miles per hour?), but the view up here is slowly helping to alleviate my foul mood. Below is a picture of the view from the observatory kitchen.

Although there was a big forest fire that came dangerously close to the observatory in 2004, the dead trees that you see were killed by a species of bark beetle. It turns out that bark beetles aren’t the only abundant insect species up here though. In fact, I encountered the object below during a visit here in 2008…

Yes you are seeing that right! It’s a large bucket overflowing with fried moths. As you walk around the Submillimeter Telescope next door in the summer, there’s a distinct fried mothy smell that pervades the building and every few seconds you hear a little zzzzzzt! Between the fire and the insect outbreaks in recent years, the ...

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