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Book Review: The Monthly Sky Guide

5 Jan 2010, 17:38 UTC
Book Review: The Monthly Sky Guide
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One of the nice things about publishing an astronomy blog is we get copies of astronomy books from various publishers sent to us to review. Just before Christmas Cambridge University Press sent us a copy of the eighth edition of Ian Ridpath and Wil Tirion’s ‘The Monthly Sky Guide’.
This book is a classic beginner level guide to the night sky that includes a great introductory text on finding your way around the heavens, tips on observing the four brightest naked eye planets, a very nice guide to observing the Moon, complete with detailed lunar maps with features labeled, and star charts for each month of the year.
The attention to detail and practicality are notable. For example, the Moon maps are made large enough to show quite a bit of detail. This necessitates them being printed as roughly half a hemisphere per page. Instead of losing detail in the margins of some of the most interesting features on the lunar surface, the maps overlap quite a bit. This is a handy feature that could easily have been overlooked by less experienced or detail oriented authors or publishers.
Everyone you show the Moon to wants to know where the astronauts ...

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