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The team behind iriss: B.USOC

11 Sep 2015, 18:45 UTC
The team behind iriss: B.USOC
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B.USOC. Credits: B.USOC
Many people support a mission in space. We invite you to meet the teams that are keeping Andreas Mogensen and the International Space Station safe and running experiments, in their own words:
What is your team name?
What does your team name stand for?
Belgian User Support and Operations Centre
What do you do?
We are responsible for preparing and executing scientific experiments and instruments on the International Space Station and provide real-time support during experiment execution. Most of our time is spent in our control room where we operate the experiments.
During the iriss mission, we had two additional experiments done by ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen: Thor and METERON SUPVIS-E.
B.USOC. Credits: B.USOC
What does your work typical day look like?
We have different teams that each are responsible for one of our experiments. To cover the experiment requirements, we work in shifts. The Thor and Solar team have a morning and afternoon shift, Meteron is bound to business hours.
Solar observes the sun and is being controlled by sending commands to start specific measurements and calibrations. This planning is provided to us by the scientists. So a typical working day contains 16 hours of ...

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