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Return to Earth – the ride of a lifetime

11 Sep 2015, 17:45 UTC
Return to Earth – the ride of a lifetime
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ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen’s time on the International Space Station has come to an end. The Soyuz TMA-16M is packed with the equipment Gennady Padalka, Aidyn Aimbetov and Andreas will take with them. At 18:13 they will close the hatch between the spacecraft and start preparations for their return flight.
Watch this video that explains the Soyuz undocking and landing.

First the astronaut will remove the clamps inside the docking assembly and close the hatch between the International Space Station and Soyuz. They will perform a leak check of the docking interface by reducing the pressure in the vestibule between the two hatches.
The astronauts will “salt-loading” to fill their bodies with water to counteract the fact that in space your body holds less water. If they did not fill up with water they risk arriving on Earth seriously dehydrated.
As they wait they will read instructions Moscow Mission Control radioed to the astronauts with advice for landing:
"The following sensations can be expected in response to g-loads during reentry:

Sensation of g-load pressure on the body
Heaviness of the body
Labored breathing and speech.

These are normal sensations. Take them calmly. Should you experience any visual disturbances: immediately create ...

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