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The team behind iriss: GSOC-GCT

11 Sep 2015, 17:11 UTC
The team behind iriss: GSOC-GCT
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What is your team name?
What does your team name stand for?
German Space Operations Centre Ground Control Team
What do you do?
The GCT performs console duty 24/7/365 and forms a point of contact and first level of support for all ground-related issues. Basically we ensure that the Flight Controllers at the Columbus Control Centre and Payload Operators in the User Support and Operations Centres find working services to perform their work. These services range from internal and external networks, data routing, archiving, processing and display over voice and video to such simple things as printer paper or monitors. Small things are fixed right away, bigger things are handed over to expert engineers.
GSOC-GCT. Credits: ESA–J. Harrod CC BY SA IGO 3.0
What does your work typical day look like?
After a handover of the current issues and proceedings we usually check the ground systems and schedule, communicate with the engineering team on current issues or upcoming maintenance, configure the systems for activities, relate information to external partners and do our documentation and planning work.
How is working for iriss?
Working on the short duration mission, has been an exciting and unique experience. It has demonstrated how well ...

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