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The teams behind iriss: PASO

11 Sep 2015, 14:34 UTC
The teams behind iriss: PASO
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PASO team. Credits: ESA–J. Harrod CC BY SA IGO 3.0
What is your team name?
What does your team name stand for?
Product Assurance and Safety Officer
What do you do?
We ensure that all activities on board the Space Station are performed without hazard to the astronaut.
What does your work typical day look like?
We usually support the Flight Control Team and the Payloads Center remotely from Bremen, Germany, or Torino, Italy, reviewing in advance the products that are used by the astronauts and following the operations. For iriss we have been working at the Columbus Control Centre to be as close as possible to the Flight Control Team.
How is working for iriss?
Normal International Space Station operations are like a marathon but iriss is like a sprint. There are so many activities every day and we follow them in Columbus Control Centre, the "heart" of the mission, to ensure a quicker reaction in case of malfunctions.
ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst sawing through EML bolt with shaving cream and saw. Credits: ESA/NASA
What is the best part of your job? What I like most is the intense atmosphere when there is a problem and the worried ...

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