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The team behind iriss: STRATOS

9 Sep 2015, 18:28 UTC
The team behind iriss: STRATOS
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SRATOS team console. Credits: ESA–J. Harrod CC BY SA IGO 3.0
Many people support a mission in space. We invite you to meet the teams that are keeping Andreas Mogensen and the International Space Station safe and running experiments, in their own words:

What is your team name?
What does your team name stand for?
Columbus Systems, Data Management and Communications Engineer (don't ask us where the STRATOS comes from...)
What do you do?
We take care of all the systems that keep Columbus working and performing all the experiments on a day-to-day basis.
STRATOS from left: Laura Zanardini, as STRATOS on console; Andrew Caldwell, as iriss Lead STRATOS and Bruno Blasi as iriss backup STRATOS. Credits: ESA–J. Harrod CC BY SA IGO 3.0
Describe your typical work day:
The best part of this job is the variety of activities we do. On any given day we might start by activating a large experiment rack for the day’s activities, then perform maintenance on our water pumps and afterwards troubleshoot and recover from a LAN switch unexpectedly turning off... all before most people have had breakfast.
How is it working for iriss?
It's really exciting to see the hard work ...

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