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The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

9 Sep 2015, 14:16 UTC
The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship
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Andreas operates Eurobot in space. Credits: Col-CC cam
No, wait, this doesn’t quite capture our enthusiasm for the achievement – so let me rephrase.
We’re all ecstatic after the flawless execution of the SUPVIS-E experiment yesterday, 8 September! And we are just beginning to realise it – because yesterday, during the experiment, we were all too focused on the steps of the procedure Andreas ‘Andy’ Mogensen was performing. The best thing? The whole time – even before the actual experiment started – we were able to see in the Erasmus high-bay the International Space Station live TV stream: Andy installing the laptops in the Columbus module, Andy floating around with cosmic grace, Andy starting up the robotic control software interface, Andy floating som
Ground team at ESTEC. Credits: ESA
e more… How cool is that?! Then Andy connected via the control interface to our local ESTEC dispatching software and all of a sudden the screens of his two laptops were flooded with telemetry and video from our own high-bay.
Due to the user friendliness of our user interface and due to the endless iterations of procedures we went through before the experiment and last but not least due ...

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