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Playing with Playbook

9 Sep 2015, 10:48 UTC
Playing with Playbook
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An astronaut’s timeline in space is a constant shuffling and reshuffling of experiments, events and plans. Dedicated teams at ground control are always looking to squeeze an extra experiment in the schedule or rearranging plans to optimise the time astronauts stay on the Space Station.
The astronauts on the International Space Station and ground control use a network-connected schedule planner called OSTPV an acronym for Onboard Short-Term Planner View. This is where an astronaut in space will look to see what to do next, keep on track and also find notes about an experiment or task at hand.
Many tasks have specific constraints, for example you cannot schedule a live call during the periodic loss of signal where communication is not possible. Some experiments such as growing crystals require as little vibration as possible that would interfere with the results – so no running on the Station’s treadmill when the crystals are growing. The OSTPV does a great job at showing these constraints but rescheduling is left to dedicated teams on Earth that know the ins and outs of each experiment.
Playbook activity list
This system works because ground control is in constant communication with the International Space Station ...

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