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9 Sep 2015, 08:12 UTC
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Belgian User Operations and Support Centre.
Let’s play a little game:
Take an old laptop, power cables, an installation DVD and a network cable. Now go to a friend, give him all the items, tell him to read the manual explaining how to connect to the internet and ask him or her to install everything and use the laptop to go online. Whenever an issue arises tell them to call you. To make it more fun, make some changes to the network settings beforehand. And oh yeah, impose a 35-minute time limit. *evil laugh*. Give the GO to start installing everything, and, play the waiting game.
This is in essence the situation we were when the METERON laptop was installed on the International Space Station.
METERON laptops on International Space Station during Supvis-E experiment. Credits: ESA/Col-CC camera
We have come so far with the project that we ended the preparation phase and have entered the operations phase. It is time for some action! In order to prepare for Andreas’s rover-driving activity in September, the whole METERON robotic communication network needs to be tested and as a first step the laptop that he will use has to be installed and configured ...

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