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14 hours through the snow and the stars

23 Dec 2009, 05:23 UTC
14 hours through the snow and the stars
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by Phil
Since the strikes in La Paz, the roads had been too quiet… Something had to happen to put some spice in our trips.
We were about 200 km from our destination, Arequipa, when we saw in the glow of the night that all the trucks were stopped in a row…it was around 6 pm. Miriam and I went to find out the origin of this event: “The locals are on strike, they don’t want to sell their water, but don’t worry they promised to stop around midnight…’ The perspective to stay blocked for six more hours on the road did not really appetize us neither some other peruanos, so Ruben and Eduardo decided to follow them in taking on a detour…
…But this detour turned out rather to be an odyssey on a non-asphalted road. First, we went up to 4800m where the rain transformed into heavy snow. Our anxious eyes were fixed onto the fuel indicator that was red for a while. Euge and Silvia were almost in panic:”Don’t you think someone nice could give us some gas?” But Ruben and Edu were staying cool for the answer was simple: in the middle of nowhere, there ...

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