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The Great Outer Space: Astronaut Joe Acaba

A Dragon, Sweat, Urine and Blood, and Superheroes

4 Jun 2012, 19:23 UTC
A Dragon, Sweat, Urine and Blood, and Superheroes
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I was going to say this has been another busy week, but I think I would be able to start every entry this way. All of the Mission Control Centers (Houston, Huntsville, Munich, Tsukuba and Moscow) do a great job of maximizing our time on orbit in order for us to live and work efficiently. This week ended the milestone Dragon mission. Our main tasks were to unload and then repack the vehicle for its return trip and then send it on its way. We worked really well as a team and finished ahead of schedule with the packing. After finishing that, our focus shifted to the un-berthing of Dragon and releasing it from the Space Station. There is a lot of work involved with closing the hatches between Dragon and the Space Station and installing the controllers for the mechanisms that hold these two together. It is not as easy as just closing a couple of doors. Due to the fact there was an approximately 30-minute window for the actual release of Dragon, we had to get up a couple of hours earlier than normal. Luckily I am a morning person so that was not too painful. Just like ...

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