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Behind the scenes II

28 Nov 2009, 13:46 UTC
Behind the scenes II
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The journey finished officially last Thursday, but we still want to share what we learnt, show what we lived (there are may stories yet) and tell what is going to come. Here I comment just some of the learnings that being behind the scenes left me…

Sometimes we had to argue with local contacts (very few, but they left a mark), due to misunderstandings or simply different points of view. In all cases, the team had to improvise a way out on the spot.
We have no political goals. We do not have commercial interests (in fact, we don’t even have money ). We take no sides in historical issues. However, in many cases we had to clarify this sort of questions to avoid conflict. There were times that we felt used in someone’s personal interest, or found ourselves in the middle of a struggle that was had nothing to do with us or the project. And although we were perfectly aware that this was inevitable (human relations can be like that sometimes), our priorities were always clear. Our commitment has always been to the schools, to doing the activities as planned, and we hope to have accomplished that.

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