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A Space Geek Giving Thanks (On Earth)

26 Nov 2009, 19:05 UTC
A Space Geek Giving Thanks (On Earth)
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Despite my affection
To visit the heavens
And leave the Earth
The place of my birth
I’m thankful for
These beautiful shores
Next to salty oceans
In their proper proportions
To live on a planet
Where oxygen is abundent
With green food everywhere
And plenty of water to spare
Whose beauty never fades
My planet has it made!
For no world can compare
To my home world that’s so fair
While it may lack broad rings
And asteroid moons that zing
Or a weak gravitational pull
Allowing me to carry a bull
It has the perfect recipe
To sustain life for you and me
As well as our animal friends too
(Who taste excellent in a stew!)
I’m thankful for living on Earth
The place of 6 billion plus births
And even if I never see the stars
I’m thankful to be on Earth (thus far)
~Poem by Darnell Clayton
– Posted from my iPhone
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