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Space Policy Updates?: Let's Build On Our Infrastructure!

24 Jul 2009, 23:33 UTC
Space Policy Updates?: Let's Build On Our Infrastructure!
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"White House" Source: Gov

It’s space policy review season and time for the new Obama administration and brand new NASA leadership to get aligned and focused on goals, means and methods in order to proceed. The space policy waters are still very choppy and filled with vessels from many government and civil organizations going in all directions without a good map. NASA’s vessel looks particularly precarious since there are some fights underway on deck, and some others are lobbing shells at it.
I can't list the many space policy study group activities. However, I will provide some highlights especially relevant to commercial space, and argue that the updated policy must include clear goals, existing and developing space infrastructure needs, related resource requirements, and anticipated benefits for all stakeholders, especially the public. The Obama administration is understandably urging NASA to provide more “inspiration”, but it’s my view (I’m not alone here) that this can only emerge from the pursuit of challenging goals that directly support high-priority national needs. The Apollo 11 lunar landing, for example, was driven by perceived security threats from the Soviet Union, and the national will to demonstrate our capabilities to tackle tough problems with no known solutions. ...

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