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Imagining the Future & Acting Now to Get There

12 Aug 2009, 23:15 UTC
Imagining the Future & Acting Now to Get There
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As Commercial Space Gateway Editor, I’m usually researching and writing about the future as it is envisioned and shaped by federal government policies, public-private funding for commercial space R&D, and entrepreneurial space business development. However, I’m also very interested in NASA’s long involvement in what they now call “GreenSpace” and the potential utilization of these technologies for space commerce.
NASA Ames Research Center spearheaded this recent initiative but other NASA Centers are also now involved. Over its 50 year existance, NASA has by necessity become expert at R&D associated with extreme environments, planetary monitoring, alternative energy production and efficiency, life support and sustainable systems. It’s no accident that Dr. James Hansen, one of the world’s leading experts on climate change works for NASA. Many credit NASA and the Apollo mission’s first photos of “spaceship” Earth in the midst of the black cosmos and the famous “Earthrise” viewed from the Moon as bringing the modern environmental movement into being.
So with this long-held interest, I just read an article in the “New Scientist” titled, “Comment: Why People Don’t Act on Climate Change” which addresses a difficult question we all need to ponder. Apparently climate change scientists find it difficult to modify ...

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