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24 Oct 2009, 23:37 UTC
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I just returned from the International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (ISPCS). Copies of the presentations will soon be accessible via the New Mexico NASA Space Grant Consortium , the event organizer. However, with the help of a bevy of onsite bloggers, the speakers' comments, reactions to those comments, and comments on those reactions began reverberating throughout the online community even before they had concluded their remarks (HobbySpace.com, CosmicLog.msnbc.msn.com). Therefore, I certainly won't try to summarize the two days of plenary sessions. However, there were some important over-arching developments that can be distilled from the fine panel presentations, and here are my impressions.
-The global sense of expectation that there is a real, emerging commercial space industry is stronger and more widespread than a year ago. Government representatives, large and small industry, universities, workforce development organizations, and spaceport operators uniformly believe that some invisible corner has been turned.
-There is heightened concern over STEM education and where future aerospace workers will come from. Often this was not a formal part of the panelist's presentations, but was verbalized in the questions and comments section after a number of the talks. A similar concern was voiced about transfer of knowledge from ...

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