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So, Let's Talk About It: The NASA Resources Gap

27 Oct 2009, 00:55 UTC
So, Let's Talk About It: The NASA Resources Gap
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Norm Augustine and the "Review of Human Spaceflight Plans Committee" that he Chaired, reputedly worked hard on a fast track, accepting input from most everyone, to define options that would fit inside or fall outside the current and projected NASA budget. It was obviously a tough, thankless job, and we can assume that none sought the assignment by NASA and the Obama Administration. According to their final report, "The Committee was asked to review the program of record [current approved NASA plan] and offer prospective alternatives, not to recommend a specific future course for the human spaceflight program". They deserve our appreciation for this major effort and their well-written report. If you don't agree, I suggest trying to put yourself in their place with their mandate.
The report has some elements that please many, but as a total package seems to please only a few. And it really was not focused on recommendations, but on options, even though they seemed to have some favorite ones (but who wouldn't). What it really nailed down was a fact that many seem to understand, but few want to acknowledge openly, let alone discuss in detail. The first paragraph of the Executive Summary ...

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