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Carnival Of The Space Geeks (AART Scoptastic)

13 Nov 2009, 03:28 UTC
Carnival Of The Space Geeks (AART Scoptastic)
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Last weeks Carnival of Space was hosted by Peter Lake from AstroSwanny’s.
Articles ranged from NASA awarding millions in prize money to naming Martian meteorites to a wazoo of scholarships for the young and upcoming space geek.
Jewels dealing within our own star system include:

Brian Wang of Next Big Future highlights the future space hotels/stations of Galactic Suite and Bigelow Aerospace, respectively.
Chris Dann of Weird Warp has a fascinating article dealing with propulsion systems, many which could help shorten the travel time between planets (let alone star systems).
Ryan Anderson (from Marsward) has a hilarious article detailing why the Mars Science Laboratory rover isn’t cute, but so awesome it would make James Bond blush (note: it must be the lasers)
David Portree from Beyond Apollo digs up NASA’s past plans to do a interplanetary flyby of both Venus and Mars.

Those were a few of the many articles from the Carnival of Space, although be sure to check out the rest (although not during work as you will never end that “coffee break”).
The next Carnival of Space is almost upon us, and if you are interested in joining feel free to contact Universe Today for details on ...

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