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Carnival Of The Space Geeks (Next Big Future)

4 Nov 2009, 22:41 UTC
Carnival Of The Space Geeks (Next Big Future)
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Brian Wang of Next Big Future fame hosted the Carnival of Space, highlighting Ares I-X kissing the sky, bad news for moon landing skeptics and some beautiful space photos that will make a space geeks heart beat faster.
Articles highlighting our quest to conquer our star system include:

Bill Andrews from the Astronomy.com Blog suggests we send an Armada of robots to explore the terrestrial worlds, with an emphasis on Saturn’s Titan.
Bruce Cordell of 21st Century Waves discusses whether humans have a role to play in space, and concludes that its inevitable.
Brian Wang (the host) publishes an interview of Richard Varvill (from Reaction Engines) by Sander Olson regarding their low earth orbit Skylon plane.

For the Carnival of Space I published an article why humanity may want to seed the Moon with hydrogen tanks, and while there was plenty of great articles to read, we still need more space geeks to contribute their mind share to the Carnival.
So why not sign up for the next round?
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