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Russia To Mars: Lets Go Nuclear!

30 Oct 2009, 00:45 UTC
Russia To Mars: Lets Go Nuclear!
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It looks like the nation that pioneered the path the final frontier may help push humanity forward once again–plus or minus a “little” risk.
(Mars Daily) Since current rocket technologies are not sufficient for the future exploration of Mars and the whole Solar system, and since no alternative energy resources have been found as of now, the only possible way to implement those projects would be by using nuclear energy, [Vitaly] Lopota[, President and Chief Designer of Russia's Energia Aerospace Corporation] said at an academic conference on aerospace.
While nuclear rockets may be the most practical way to reach Mars, it may also set off a dangerous precedent as unstable nations (like Iran) may seek nuclear options as a way to transport their astronauts to Mars (and beyond).
Either way it may be the necessary step to help humanity embrace the heavens above, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Russia choose this path (despite the controversy).
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