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Carnival Of The Space Geeks (The Gish Bar Times)

28 Oct 2009, 02:27 UTC
Carnival Of The Space Geeks (The Gish Bar Times)
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Jason Perry of the Gish Bar Times hosted last weeks Carnival of Space! (episode 126).
The Carnival covered everything from “moon bombings,” to Martian poetry, to the ever lovable space elevator games (note: be sure to watch the video!).
For terrestrials seeking to settling our star system, here were a few articles that may catch your eye:

Steinn Sigurðsson from Dynamics of Cats and Nancy Atkinson of Universe Today both highlight the much discussed Augustine reports, respectively, which present NASA with 5 paths towards space freedom.
Emily Lakdawalla of the Planetary Society and Ian O’Neill of AstroEngine fame blog about the lunar lava tube that could serve as NASA’s future condo (note: check out the view!)
Chris Dann of Weird Warp discusses what it would take to colonize the moon which includes everything from food, water, entertainment and…breeding?

Thanks for reading, and for those of you interested in joining the next Carnival of the Space Geeks, feel free to check out Universe Today for details on how to join.
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