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Twisted Physics

Felicia Day, Cosmic Buzzkill

27 Oct 2009, 01:23 UTC
Felicia Day, Cosmic Buzzkill
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Via io9 and uber-fanboy Phil Plait, here's a genuine treat: actress and all-around Web goddess Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog, The Guild) shows off her science chops in a new PSA from the Spitzer Science Center on behalf of the Spitzer Space Telescope. Apparently there was a bit of public consternation earlier this year when the folks at Spitzer announced the "imminent" collision of two distant galaxies.

Our intrepid heroine battles condescension and sarcasm from a highly misguided director -- not to mention awkward cameo voice-overs from Sean Astin -- to reveal the far less scary truth about what really happens when galaxies collide. "Once again, Felicia Day sucks all the fun out of our film," the director snipes; she clearly finds truth to be a buzzkill.

But wait! Maybe it's not entirely the director's fault! Consider the slightly sensational tenor of the opening paragraphs of the press release the Spitzer folks issued back in March:A new image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope offers a rare view of an imminent collision between the cores of two merging galaxies, each powered by a black hole with millions of times the mass of the sun. The galactic cores are in a ...

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