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Dark Energy

Immense Energy within the Natural Environment (Dark Energy)

19 Jan 2014, 23:03 UTC
Immense  Energy within the Natural Environment (Dark Energy)
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Dark EnergyBy E C ChandlerISBN 9780950812038---Excerpt from a Published work:- DESCRIPTION of the NATURAL ENVIRONMENT as ACTIVE and ORIENTATION of LIFE FORMS to its INHERENT ENERGY/POLARITYBy E C Chandler ISBN 9780950812014---Published 2013 by E C Chandler©. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted in any form or by any means, reprographic, photocopy, computer database, or other, without prior permission of the publisher.Website ---This blog posits all natural phenomena is Active, and resolves to Dark Energy. Dark Energy is in the form of longitudinally travelling, contra directional, fieldstreams, ubiquitous throughout the cosmos and although immeasurable, is all about us. Dark Energy, although of immense energy, measurement of it by an instrument cannot be made because contra directional nature of its integrated fieldstreams cancel their energies in its sensor. It forms a cradle about all matter on an infinite scale. Earth is cradled by it, as is an atom. It is named a Mass-Energy Vortice System. It can only be described within a Steady State concept of physics because this only can describe its existence. To describe Climate Change, to name only one aspect of environmental science, within a Singularity concept (Big ...

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