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Chang’e 3 Landing & Six wheels on Moon for Yutu!

15 Dec 2013, 20:55 UTC
Chang’e 3 Landing & Six wheels on Moon for Yutu!
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interesting, but its really hard to get a sense of scale till you see the jets kick up dust.
Chang’e #3 Jade Rabbit Lunar Mission RAW Landing
Watch and enjoy this full video of Chang’e 3′s descent onto the lunar surface. The mountains on the horizon are the Montes Recti. The lander is decelerating at an angle until about 2:50 when it can be seen to rotate vertical. This was at an altitude of about 2000 meters. It then lowered to an altitude of 100 meters, where it came to a hovering standstill (at about 5:15). It used imaging and laser ranging to determine a safe place for the landing, then continued the descent. At an altitude of about 4 meters, it cut the engines and fell to the surface. I love the dust blowing around.

see also :
for rover deploy and wheels on the ground.

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