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Einstein@Home Volunteers Discover Four "Young" Gamma-Ray Pulsars

26 Nov 2013, 09:17 UTC
Einstein@Home Volunteers Discover Four "Young" Gamma-Ray Pulsars
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Congratulations to our volunteers:

Thomas M. Jackson, Kentucky, USA
Mak-ino, Japan
Doug Lean, Australia
Hans-Peter Tobler, Germany
NEMO computing cluster, UW-Milwaukee, USA
Chen, USA
David Z, Canada
Test, France

whose computers have found 4 new gamma-ray pulsars in data from the Large Area Telescope on board NASA's Fermi Satellite. These are the first gamma-ray pulsars ever discovered by Einstein@Home; only a few dozen such objects (spinning neutron stars whose pulsations are only visible via their gamma rays) are known.

The scientific paper is available here (use PDF link on the top right-hand side) and will be published in the next hours in the Astrophysical Journal Letters. If you are interested in learning more, a press release and other materials concerning the discovery are also available on-line.

Many thanks to all Einstein@Home volunteers, whose computers have made these exciting discoveries possible!

Bruce Allen
Director, Einstein@Home

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