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Above the Clouds

Comets comets everywhere

18 Nov 2013, 18:18 UTC
Comets comets everywhere
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It has been a while since my last post. This 2013 has been quite a busy and stressful!. To set the scene; earlier in the summer,I was helping a friend move some granite pieces. Well, I managed to crush my fingers. Being quite far from my home (and not wanting to travel 3.5 hours for follow ups) I drove to Dartmouth Hitchcock hospital. The flopping fingers drew the Doc’s conclusion to amputate. Ummmm….NOT happening!. They fixed me up and “Hey, I can still give a high five instead of a high 3 and a half….lmao!”.
The garden: The weeds grew faster than the veggies !.
The weather: Clouds,rain. Not good for observing!.
…and finally..
The move: Not exactly moving ,but more of a replacement. This has kept me busy all by itself. Plus, my other obligations.
Once in a while I have been able to get out to the observatory for some imaging.
The past few months have been dedicated to stellar events. With a few typical objects tossed in for good measure.
As we all know,our skies have become a play ground for comets. Currently their are 4+ in the Northern hemisphere.
The headliner for the season is Comet ...

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