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Pluto, Sponsored By McDonalds

6 Oct 2009, 06:04 UTC
Pluto, Sponsored By McDonalds
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You didn't really think the Pluto "debate" had gone away did you? Actually, this time it's not an angry plutonite, confused astronomer or the governor of Illinois causing a stir, it's the fast-food behemoth McDonalds that has sparked some low-key controversy in the UK.

This is a good one.

According to The Register, in an effort to get kids more interested in cooking for themselves, McDonalds has produced a series of fun facts printed on the side of their Happy Meal boxes. I'm not sure how McDonalds can possibly promote home cooked meals by printing games on their cardboard dinners, but marketing has always been a mystery to me. (Surely the only effective way to get kids interested in cooking for themselves is by banning under-16s from McDonalds restaurants? Oh, that might not do the chain's profit margins much good? Now I get it.)

So one of these fun facts printed on a Happy Meal box says "the Solar System is made up of all the planets that orbit our sun." Fun fact indeed -- I'm glad to see some space science to make it onto fast food packaging! Oh, hold on, there's something unsightly on the packaging too, which ...

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