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There’s a four-leaf clover on the Moon!

20 Aug 2013, 16:44 UTC
There’s a four-leaf clover on the Moon!
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… as well as 13 other things you might not know we left on the Moon.
The location of man-made objects on the Moon. wikipedia
1. Metal soccer balls
For over 50 years we have been sending things to the Moon and leaving them there. “We” being humans of planet Earth, specifically the lunar explorers of USA, Russia, Japan, China, India and the ESA nations. In 1959 the first man-made object disturbed the Moon dust when Russia launched the magnificently steam-punked Luna 2. The equipment on board, now scattered over the impact site, included a Geiger counter, magnetometer and micrometeorite detector. But that’s not all Luna 2 had on board. It also carried several pennants bearing the Soviet hammer and sickle seal in the form of 2 small metal soccer balls, one 12 cm and one 7.5 cm in diameter. These balls were designed to explode on impact and scatter the pentagonal pennants over the lunar surface. However, Luna 2 was literally hurled at the Moon so the metal balls, and pennants with them, probably vapourised on impact.

Luna 2, NASA

Metal soccer balls, mentallandscape.com
Apart from the 6 descent modules, 6 flags, remnants of scientific packages including the still ...

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