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Beyond Apollo

From the author

30 Sep 2009, 13:26 UTC
From the author
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At the end of each month I will step out of the usual third-person persona of Beyond Apollo to discuss blog administrative matters and (when useful) some of the posts I've made in the past month. This is the first of these "from the author" posts.Beyond Apollo is the latest online manifestation of my fascination for spaceflight might-have-beens. I first went online with this kind of thing in 1996 when I launched my Romance to Reality website. That site, which I retired in 2006, had an advocacy goal; basically, my hope was that, by describing plans hatched since 1950 for manned moon and Mars expeditions and bases, I might help in a small way to bring closer the day when such things could actually exist. Beyond Apollo is, by contrast, not an overt advocacy site. It is also both more and less inclusive than Romance to Reality. It covers a more limited timeframe - 1959 through 1979, which I call "the age of Apollo" - but includes a broader range of stuff - for example, robotic missions throughout the Solar System, manned Earth-orbital space stations, and manned Venus missions. In the past month or two, I've reorganized Beyond Apollo. I've ...

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