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Twisted Physics

When the Multiverse Collides

28 Sep 2009, 05:20 UTC
When the Multiverse Collides
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The season premiere of The Family Guy was even edgier than
usual, exploring numerous alternate universes in an episode entitled
"Road to the Multiverse." Resident genius toddler Stewie invents a
device that enables him to travel between parallel universes with the
family dog, Brian -- who tries to pretend he knows about Many Worlds as
Stewie explains the concept. It's a nice brief summary of the basic
concept. Soon Stewie and Brian are popping in and out of
alternate universes: one that is far more technologically advanced than
ours; one where everyone has two heads; one that is based on ironic Washington Post
political cartoons; one that is completely Disneyfied, with cheery
songs about pie and a touch of anti-semitism; and finally, a universe
where dogs rule the world and humans are the pets. That's where Stewie
meets his Dog Self and discovers he's had the device on "shuffle" all
along -- hence their random jumping around. Eventually they manage to
get back to their reality, bringing Alternate Pet-Brian back with them
-- who [SPOILER ALERT!] is promptly hit by a bus, because after all,
can two Brians co-exist in the same universe?Scientists don't
really know what would happen in ...

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