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Moon Course

26 Dec 2008, 02:28 UTC
Moon Course
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Image: Mark TillotsonNASA Returns to the Moon Instructor: Mark Tillotson12 weeks, Wednesday nights at 7 - 8 pm, Emmaus High SchoolBegins on February 4, 2009NASA is currently planning a return to the Moon and many of it's scientists, engineers and contractors need to learn about the Moon. The Johnson Space Center sponsored Moon 101 - A Course in Lunar Science for Non-Specialists. Using the information from Moon 101, this course will present the basics of Lunar science that NASA is using to plan future missions to the Moon to set up a permanent base. The course will cover topics such as geology and the physical characteristics of the soil and surface material that will effect living and working there, the crust and interior, environment, poles, and the lessons learned from Apollo. We will also learn about viewing Lunar features from Earth, meteorites, mapping and the search for water.This course is designed for anyone with an interest in the Moon and astronomy. It will focus on the overview of Lunar science and will not require any special math skills.The registration form is here. I hope you will join me on this exploration of the Moon.

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