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The Newtonian Physics

18 Jun 2013, 11:51 UTC
The Newtonian Physics
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Gravity is rather a special force which is unusual which is different from many other forces like electrical forces , etc.And is somewhere connected with geometric properties of space and time which has a great impact to the brain of our great scientist Sir Albert Einstien.Here, in this post we gonna talk about the working of a great man on two historical terms.Which was named as……… The Newtonian Physics (A introduction to general theory of relativity)Ok, now we know the two terms Newton for which he is really famous for but I would like to take a part of it and want to reavel the real concepts and story behind the origination of a historical formula F=G m1m2well you wanna more about NEWTON (click on this)THE STORY BEGINS..............The cellestial bodies like moon the earth, the subject of great intrest for every one of those scientists related to astronomy."I am proud to be an indian". why????Because, the famous indian astronomer Arayabhatt studied these motions in great detail.Which he compiled in his book in Arayabhatt. He compiled in his book in circular motions pf every celestial body.Then about after 1000 years. the brilliant combination of Tycho brahe and Johnan Kepler brought their ...

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