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It's Not Rocket Science...

LIVE satellite Feed!

20 Sep 2009, 05:42 UTC
LIVE satellite Feed!
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I’ve been asked before, “Where can I watch LIVE satellite feeds?”

Well, even though I would be really great and lots of fun to watch, Live satellite feeds to the general public would violate the national security of every nation on earth. That’s why only the military and government employees with high security clearances have access to high resolution live satellite feeds.

So once we have world peace, or at least intergalactic war we wont have Live satellite Feeds!

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well it should be allowed ,, maybe one facing out into space in the direction of the moon,,
So we can see the moon from a satellite
Every one would love that ,,


I am in a nuetral position on this subject, but i will say that i love to watch the sky and photos of the planets, nebulas, sun ect. Having live satelite feed quarentined to only certain specific images would enhance my visual eye and astonish my mind to only get my brain more knowledgable on the subject in hand.


Yeah but just keep looking forward to the future perhaps we can get those space elevators working and live in the stars rather then stare at a screen omg has anyone used google earth recently on some places its like ur really there


That licks

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