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In Charlottesville, Boobies Gain (Limited) Acceptance

18 Sep 2009, 16:36 UTC
In Charlottesville, Boobies Gain (Limited) Acceptance
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All kinds of chitter-chatter has been erupting in Charlottesville in reaction to the Hook publishing an article on successful UVa alumni that posed for Playboy while in college. The article itself is not the issue, but some object the tiny but fully nude photos that accompany it (so that should tell you, but I’ll say it anyway, pictures may be NSFW). First brought to my attention via cvillenews (who actually measured that the boobs are no bigger than 1cm, really, who does that?!), CBS-19 reported on some prudish reactions. “It’s just horrendous for me to see it.” says one female UVa student. A glance at the comment thread on any of those sites puts more prudishness on display:
I will now call “The Hook”…. “The Hooker”. You should be ashamed of your irresponsible act and I will guarantee you have lost many readers including myself over your stupidity. Those who say they enjoy this obviously don’t have responsibilities to children.
(Eh, there seem to be many more attracted than repelled.)
And there will be people that find this appauling and have a huge issue with you printing something that children can pick up in a grocery store.
(Always with the ...

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