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Array Proxima

UNIVERSE ..... WHAT IS IT???????

10 Mar 2013, 11:46 UTC
UNIVERSE ..... WHAT IS IT???????
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yoo!!!!! guys let's move on to my next topic that is....... "UNIVERSE WHAT IS IT????"by listening this word we think something vast......... well it is true.....univese is a place where every thing is been hold from the smallest particle to the biggest particle to the biggest galaxies we can't sayhow big the universe is.......astronomers are trying to measure the universe till date ....for explaning this i have written qoutation of mine that is..."UNIVERSE IS LIKE AN ASTRONOMICAL DISTANCE FROM ONCE MIND..... WE CANT SAY WHERE IT STOPS"scientists get the information of whether an object is moving away from the earthn or wheather it is coming to the earth based on the information with a help of a instrument called spectroscope ...........scientist have learned that the universe is still growing outwards in every direction........scientists belive that about 13.7 billion year ago, a powerful explosion called "big bang" happend this powerful explotion set the universe in motion..........But scientits are nob yet sure if the motion will stop,change direction or keep going ever.

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