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Generator Operator and Destoyer

10 Mar 2013, 11:25 UTC
Generator Operator and Destoyer
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The word GOD comes across to our day to day life. For every minute and every second .When the word GOD confronts the human society gets a resulting reaction of Scareness , a respectable persona , or awatchful protecter.But my first and last question which strucks me like pin , WHERE IS HE?????:-Lets have an example = If we ask a robot Ques.'s like "Where is god or what is god?????" etc,etc............... may be his answer would be... The one who has created me or one give n me birth is, my GOD....Evidently , I believe in this sentence too. In my view their is no living external energy is protecting or helping me , except my parents. I am raising my hope with great eager that you guys understanding what i am talking about. Let me elborate you by my new quote"believe god to them to whom you really love and can inspire you what you want to do with the path you love."Let me help you with this example from my life for explaining the above quote :-If I am in the feild of universe or if I am studying the subject of Cosmology. Then my GOD would ...

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