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10 Mar 2013, 11:24 UTC
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THE KINGS OF MIND the word "king" comes in our mind when we think about one who is really a reputed person, who can do anything to extend!!!!!!well if we compute a proper defination then we can say that........."if you describe a man as the king of something, you mean that he is the most important person in doing a thing and he is the best at doing it" well,in this post i am gonna talk about all those kings of universe those who have came up with there revolutionary ideas about universe which had a great impact in the study of cosmology well according to me they are................. "GREAT GUYS WITH GREAT MIND" "for me they are real life creative gods those who have existed on earth." they are nor other than........... 'COPERNICUS,GALILEO,EINSTIEN,NEWTON' well let me start, to reveal the suspense of what we gonna talk about . Throughout the thinking of all the imaginative minds what do you think, what questions arises in their minds about universe????....these kings soughted some best quetions what i think would be. let us list them......."where we are in universe? "what actually was there before space and time?" "where did the universe come ...

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