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Evergreen Hubble's Idea

10 Mar 2013, 10:21 UTC
Evergreen Hubble's Idea
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EVERGREEN HUBBLE'S IDEA Now, we welcome the young scientist in the 1920's who is the combination of the great scientists in the past centuries.He is nor other than "EDWIN HUBBLE".His contributions to our understanding of the universe came in two parts.He was the first to determine by precise measurement the distances of galaxies, establishing that they were great but comparable galaxies in their own right,not objects in the Milky Way.It was pretty cool to listen but it is just a begining.He also took his mind to sum up a velocity-to-distance ratio was a straight-line proportion.Using Einstein’s prediction that nothing in the universe can move faster than the speed of light, he arrived at the conclusion that at some point in space and time there was a physical beginning to the universe, the big bang, and that the universe had been expanding ever since.He also compiled a point and said " looking backward in time, he arrives at the inescapable conclusion that all the matter in the universe was concentrated at a single point."Hubble’s work has been the part of all of modern theory of cosmology.In this post i will compile the theories of hubble in our technologies where hubble exist ...

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