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Sunspot #1704

28 Mar 2013, 13:35 UTC
Sunspot #1704
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Sunspot # 1704 is slowly making it’s way across the Northern hemisphere.The sun is quite calm at the moment,with very little activity. This is not a typical solar maximum. Normally during a solar maximum ,the sun’s surface tends to be freckled with spots.As of yesterday,the sun only had two small active regions. The first,and largest is #1704 ,which is slightly larger than two Earths wide. The second area is south of #1704. That area actually didn’t have a designated number until yesterday afternoon,and is now sunspot #1705 http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/sunspots/
From what I had seen yesterdays observations,the activity is going to start picking up in a few more days. On SOHO’s website,a much larger sunspot is coming into view on the sun’s eastern limb,and is located near the equator. If you have a solar filter I suggest taking a look. I know I will!!.

Some of the other indicators of increasing activity are from huge prominence’s I imaged.Also located on the eastern limb. One prominence resembles a extremely large mushroom cloud. Which,as of today has fanned out into a large canopy.

It is currently overcast here,but the cloud cover seems to be thinning a bit. I am hoping to get ...

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