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Alpha Coronae Borealis AB

20 Mar 2013, 17:25 UTC
Alpha Coronae Borealis AB
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Star typeg A: A0 Vg B: G5 Distance from Earthg 74.7 lyStar Service No.g NAAgeg A: 3.14 billion yearsg B: 3.14 billion yearsRadius/Mass/Temp (xSol)g A: 289%-304%; 260%; 9,700 Kg B: 90%; 92%; 5,800 KBrightness (xSol)g A: 270%g B: 81%Metallicityg A: NAg B: NAComparison to Solg A: NAg B: NAPicture of starg A: NAg B: NAStar system featuresg Stars orbit about each other in an eccentric orbit one every 17.36 daysg Believed to be a member of the Ursa Major Moving Group of stars that have a common motion through spaceKnown planetsg A: An excess of infrared radiation at 24 μm and 70 μm has been detected about Star A. This suggests the presence of a large disc of dust and material around Star A, prompting speculation of a planetary or proto-planetary system similar to that currently assumed around Vega. How the binary-star dynamic would affect such a system is the subject of intense debate. g B: NAHabitable zonesg A: NAg B: Given close orbit of Star A, a habitable world is highly unlikelyOrbital mapg A: NAg B: NAView from starsg NANearby stars(Star systems with 10 light years)g NAMap locating star systemg NALocation in Earth skyg In constellation Corona Borealis (see ...

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