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Another Moon image and a comet sighting!

18 Mar 2013, 23:02 UTC
Another Moon image and a comet sighting!
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Having a small window of opportunity I trotted out to the observatory for some eye piece time. The sky was clear,but the transparency was up and down. I also became aware that with cold temps,my body throws off some obvious heat. This didn’t help imaging …lol
I grabbed some high resolution images of the Sun with the PST. I also trained the scope on the Moon. It looked like it was at a slow boil,but when shooting video I can remove any frames that don’t suit me. Below is a image that I processed with Registax 6 and tweaked in PS cs6.
Getting back to the story… I began to shiver from being cold so I shut down the scope and PC. I had a pair of bino’s handy and decided to look for the comet. Yaaaaay me!. I found it just above a nearby hill. I quickly ran into the warm house and,grabbed the DSLR. Being excited as a child at Christmas I ran back out to get a image. Horrified, it had sunk behind the hill . Oh well, I will have another chance soon?!!!.

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