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Above the Clouds

Impact Moon

28 Feb 2013, 14:35 UTC
Impact Moon
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We, have had what seems to be a non stop cloud cover for almost 2 weeks. Everyday their is a new coating of snow,and it is beginning to run my nerves thin!. Thankfully, Spring is right around the corner,and mud season will begin in a couple weeks. UGH!!!!.
The cloudiness has been a blessing in a strange sort of way. Their is a full Moon (or just past it) right now,so I would have been able to get in any eye piece time anyway. My observatory needs to be shoveled free from the grips of old man Winter. I will shovel around it in a couple days .Lol…I need to because,I am running out of images to publish!
I have seen some of the other bloggers astro work and must say “I am impressed” !. Both with the fact that they are able to get out ,and observe.Also,they provide images of their adventure!.
I am on the same road ,but manage to hit snow banks during the Winter season.
Below is a image of the Moon I shot a couple weeks ago using a Neximage 5. At the beginning of the imaging session.The sky was quite calm, but the ...

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