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Bad Astronomy


27 Feb 2013, 13:00 UTC
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Things I learned today: Having a video series called "This Week in Science and Technology" makes it hard to introduce.
"This week on This Week in Science and Technology…" Awkward.
So I'll just go with this:
This week on TWIST: A ginormous meteor over Russia, you are more bacterium then human, and antioxidants may actually be useful.
Also, don't take Carin to karaoke. But that's a judgment call.
Speaking of terrifying Russian meteors, in the week since the impact we've learned quite a bit about it. Scientists have taken the videos from all over the area around the asteroid's entry site and constructed an orbital path for it. It originally came from the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, though it had a highly elliptical path that brought it well inside Earth's orbit. Pieces of the meteorite found indicate it was a relatively common stony type, embedded with chondrules (small, usually round mineral deposits). It also was lined with stress fractures, indicating it had been struck by other bodies while out in space. All that's pretty typical, really.
Lots of pieces have been found, and predictably people are hawking what they claim to be from the meteorite on eBay ...

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