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Unusual features on North Massif

4 Feb 2013, 12:54 UTC
Unusual features on North Massif
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In January 2013, Moon Zoo user jaroslavp posted some interesting images in the Interesting terrain thread.
The images are from the base of the North Massif feature, close to where the Apollo 17 astronauts landed in the Taurus-Littrow valley. This image gives an overview of the NAC image from which the other images were taken (Note: North is at the bottom!):

The following images are from the marked area.
This image shows two areas with irregular boundaries – I can’t imagine what sort of process formed them.

NAC: M162107606RE Latitude = 20.2 Longitude = 30.7
Close to the previous image is this area showing odd striations and cross-hatching on the surface, possibly caused by entrained debris flow from an impact event. This may also explain the strange features in the previous image. The impact event that created the Serenitatis Basin may have been the event responsible.

Jules recently posted an Image of the Week about the Taurus-Littrow valley which has a great overview image showing the North and South Massifs: Moon landing at Taurus-Littrow
Taurus-Littrow (Wikipedia)
Approach to Taurus Littrow Valley (LROC)

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