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Cosmic Variance

Ten Toys That You Won’t Mind Buying

19 Dec 2012, 19:16 UTC
Ten Toys That You Won’t Mind Buying
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If you’ve ever had to shop for kids toys, you know it can be a demoralizing experience. Rows and rows of schlock, organized in alternating rows of “pink” or “camo”, anchored to their boxes by 43 twist ties, reeking of child labor and waste. (Can you guess how much I like shopping?)
To help you out during this trying time (for the first-world definition of “trying time”), here are a few toy ideas. All of them have seen heavy use in our house (or have been coveted at friends’ houses) and are great for open-ended play. In addition, they’ve been just as popular with boys and girls, and have worked for a wide age bracket.
1. Wedgits

This is one of the most deceptive toys we own. I can’t even remember how we got it (present? random mall purchase?), but it starts off looking like a cube of stacking blocks. Looks boring, right? Well, it turns out it’s a deeply nested group of squares with compatible angles that let you build some crazy, crazy stuff. We have gotten sooooo much mileage out of this, given that it works about as well for 2 year olds as it does with drunk ...

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