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This Week’s Hype

10 Dec 2012, 20:45 UTC
This Week’s Hype
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Space.com has a new story entitled Space Bursts Provide Insight to Theory of Everything, which has been picked up elsewhere as “evidence for string theory”. For instance Physicists Find New Evidence Of A ‘Theory Of Everything’ In The Wreckage Of Dead Stars tells us:
Physicists studying the rotation of minuscule particles fired by exploding stars light years from Earth have found new evidence for a so-called ‘Theory of Everything’.
Researchers have been frantically studying ways to reconcile two apparently contradictory pillars of modern physics for decades.
Put simply, those are Einstein’s theory of relativity – which covers the interaction of space and time on a large scale – and quantum theory, which covers the strange ways that sub-atomic particles behave.
One of the ideas mooted as a possible explanation is string theory, a framework which proposes that all of matter is made up of loops of vibrating strings…
What is relevant for this story is the proposal in superstring theory that every particle of matter has an equal and opposite ‘anti-matter’ particle, which if time were reversed would behave in exactly the same way as normal matter.
And it is this that new observations by the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency’s ...

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