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December 9: Space Food

9 Dec 2012, 00:03 UTC
December 9: Space Food
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Zero gravity makes eating in space challenging. Most food for the Apollo missions was freeze-dried, a process which maintains nutrition and taste and produces food packets which are very light and compact and require no refrigeration. All the astronauts had to do was rehydrate them with hot water. The “spoon bowl” was popular. This was a plastic container complete with spoon which astronauts found more appetising to use than squeezing food from tubes or eating dry food. Food reports were part of the daily routine as mission control made sure that each astronaut had his 2,800 calories per day.
Gene Cernan eating in zero-g

This is Jack Scmitt’s report of the food eaten on 9 December: (from the Apollo mission transcripts)
CDR- (Commander) Eugene Cernan
CMP – (Command Module Pilot) Ronald Evans
LMP – (Lunar Module Pilot) Harrison (Jack) Schmltt
CAPCOM – (Capsule Communicator back in mission control)

LMP Okay. It was a big day yesterday eating-wise. CDR had sausage patties, pears and cocoa for breakfast. Ham, a quarter, 1-quart cheese-spread. 1/2 bread and 1/2 cereal bar, 1 orange beverage for lunch, tomato soup, half a hamburger, half mustard, vanilla pudding and an orange pineapple drink for dinner.

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